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Experienced Designer Looking for a Team.

In 2004, I left my corporate job as an art director at a leading gift company in the CBA industry.

A goal of mine was reached when I matched my monthly income with extra illustration freelance projects. I put in a three months notice out of respect for my amazing boss and even added the company as an account for my brand new brand Twice Born, Inc.

I wanted to create well designed inspirational apparel and gifts with messages of hope, but without the lame art that was tolerated in the industry at the time. My very first product line, Gardenfire, was well received by key account stores like Family Christian Stores and LifeWay Christian Stores. Within 10 months there were POs of over 1 million dollars and I was looking for a fulfillment company to help me figure out the distribution and execution of the orders. Everything fell into place and within two years my new brand reached over 4 million dollars in sales.

For the last 13 years, I have been tied up in trend-watching, forecasting brainstorms and doodling hundred of silly concepts to make people feel better about their lives. I have sketched every thumbnail, kerned every word, proof-read every paragraph, presented every gift line each season to every buyer, added every product to our website, and had the time of my life.

The Christian retail industry that launched my career has nearly disappeared over the last 10 years, leaving only a fraction of accounts able to purchase apparel and gifts from the few remaining vendors. My company has wisely adjusted with every change and we kept our focus, keeping a healthy, debt free and profitable brand in tact.

For many reasons, I am a different person than I was when this started and at the same time the industry is in a different place. It is hard for me to continue doing the same thing the same way and I have made a decision to move on.

The business is in the process of being sold and I will begin a new adventure.

I am looking to be part of a team of creative people. It's the number one thing lacking in my life.

Not having worked along side other creatives in so long has left me craving this very much.

I hope that you will consider adding me to your talented team of creative people.

– Jayme Brandt

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